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Can I Get an “Amen?”


Spent Easter Sunday at my mom’s church, Simpson-Gillespie United Methodist.  I sat across the aisle from the self-appointed leader of the amen corner.  This was no ordinary responsive worshipper.  This guy shouted “Amen!” at the top of his lungs every time the preacher asked for a little back-up from the congregation.   He was so loud the Rev. Pegues had to acknowledge him… and once he got a little attention, he took his enthusiasm to another level.

The pastor’s little helper couldn’t have been more than  3 or 4 years old.  Thankfully no one told him to hush.  He stuck with the sermon for the entire 20 minutes, never missing an opportunity to show the reverend he was an active listener… a VERY active listener.

Joyful, attentive, excited to participate in the service,  willing to share his exuberance with the rest of us… thanks little fella for setting a great example.  AMEN!