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Movie Tears


After returning from a wedding Saturday night I was on a what I like to call a “love high” and I wanted to keep the warm and fuzzy feeling alive. So, after getting home, I took off the fancy dress and pain-inducing shoes and decided to watch a “love” movie before going to bed. I chose “Marley and Me.”  The movie poster featured an adorable puppy.  It stars two comedic actors and its described as a movie about “life and love with the world’s worst dog.”  The trailer even featured the characters played by Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson getting romantic in the pool while their unruly dog splashes by, ruining the moment.    How could this movie be anything but a romantic comedy with the puppy theme?

About 3/4 of the way through the movie, I saw things going bad for Marley.  I stuck with it because I know Hollywood’s rule… never kill kids or dogs that viewers have gotten to know by name.  Let’s just say the rule wasn’t just broken, it was smashed in my face!  I was hoodwinked.  I cried uncontrollably through the last quarter of the movie and couldn’t stop sobbing for about an hour afterward.  Extreme?  Sure, but I tear up at Hallmark commercials.  Somebody should have warned me!  I have a precious dog for heavens sake!

So, just in case you were looking for a cuddle film to enjoy on the couch with your honey this weekend…  THIS IS NOT IT.  If you hope to leave your lady in the mood for loving, then skip “Marley and Me.”  It will leave you in the mood for hugging your knees to your chest while snot drops down your legs.  I feel its my duty to warn you so you won’t be caught off guard.  Need a movie to compare it to?  I rank this in my top ten of saddest movies ever along with:

Terms of Endearment
Losing Isaiah
I am Sam
Old Yeller
Brian’s Song
Million Dollar Baby
Requiem for a Dream

Hollywood, just so you know… the main character is not supposed to die especially if he/she/it is a mom, a pet (yes, that includes aliens… they never killed ALF), a kid or an athlete!