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Creative Loafing…

You may spend your drive home listening to the sound of Ramona Holloway’s voice (along with her partner-in-crime Matt Harris on The Matt & Ramona Show), but do you know the woman behind the mic?

“Matt and I were recruited to Charlotte as a team and had worked together before. We were really different, but our senses of humor were on point.” So on point that Ramona left her previous position as a news director to become a radio personality in Charlotte.


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10 Questions with … Ramona Holloway


Penn State University; WNKO-WHTH/Newark, OH; WNCI, WOSU-TV, and WBNS-TV/Columbus, OH; WTLC/Indianapolis; WNVZ/Norfolk-Virginia Beach; WLNK (107.9 The Link)/Charlotte. Also served on Ohio AP Board of Directors, serves on board of directors of A Child’s Place.
NOTE: Ramona’s answers, creatively, are in two parts, the first her direct response and the second, in keeping with one of the themes of the “Matt and Ramona Show,” her responses from her perspective as a single woman on the dating scene (in italics).
1. How did you get your start in radio? Why radio?

I was working at an employment agency when a guy who’d been fired from a radio station in Newark, Ohio asked me to help him find a new job. I never found a job for him, but the guy who replaced him at the radio station hired ME two weeks later.

Why radio?
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One Home for Two Lifestyles

RAMONA HOLLOWAY HAS a pair of black slippers with animal print lining. She likes to wear them when she’s at her home in Belmont, relaxing. But if she were to wear them on air during the afternoon broadcast of “The Matt & Ramona Show” on 107.9 The Link, you’d never know. You can listen to her laughing, talking, and showcasing her sharp wit, though there’s a lot more to her that you can’t see. That’s the thing about radio stars; they can feel like familiar friends, but there are plenty of hidden sides to them.


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Today’s Charlotte Woman Magazine

Ramona’s featured on the August issue of Today’s Charlotte Woman Magazine!! Make sure to pick up your copy to find out what Matt told the editor, Karsen Price, that brought Ramona to tears.

Also, Ramona will be a guest speaker at Coffee & Conversation: A Breakfast with Today’s Charlotte Woman.  The event is Friday, September 16th at the Southern Women’s show.


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