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The V-Day Cure

Pamper yourself in a bubble bath, avoid sappy love songs… there’s plenty of advice for single girls about how to spend Valentine’s Day.  We’re told to focus on loving ourselves and to resist the urge to define ourselves by our relationship status on Facebook.  If you’ve spent multiple V-days without a partner, you’ve heard it all before. 

The best way to celebrate February 14th is to show love.  You don’t have to confess your crush on the guy at the gym.  Do something for someone else to let them know you care.  Find a way to support a worthy cause.  This year over “love weekend” instead of complaining about the flowers and candy my fantasy Romeo won’t be sending, I’ll be spending time with friends, calling loved ones and even performing in a production of the Vagina Monologues in Rock Hill, SC. 

The cure for V-Day lonliness can be found anywhere people gather… churches, nursing homes, shelters.  At the very least, a single friend would appreciate a phone call.  Reach out!  The easiest way to feel love is to give it.

Bring Back Quiet Hour

When I’ve figured it all out I’ll write a book to share the wisdom.  In the meantime, I’m stumbling my way through living with my mom.  We’ve been roommates since 2004.  Any adult who has tried living with another adult knows there are challenges… especially when the roles change. 

We get along fine most of the time.   I make mistakes and so does she (although only one of us admits it).  Sometimes I over-indulge her (which is why she isn’t driving the little car I initially planned to buy for her).  Sometimes I get so busy I don’t give her the attention she craves.  Sometimes I crave privacy (dating is VERY awkward).  Sometimes I get it right.  Other times, like tonight, she makes me feel like I’ve done her so very wrong. 

Most mornings I make breakfast for the two of us.   With the exception of a few nights each week, she makes our dinners.  Am I thankful?  Absolutely!  If I was single, the menu would be far simpler.  My problem?  The issues Wheezy has saved up for me to discuss at dinner.  Sick friends and family, medicare complaints, terrible stories she’s heard from Nancy Grace, neighbors who curb their dogs in our yard, her health issues…  all within 5 minutes of getting home.  After a day of feeling like I sucked on the air, I was simply overwhelmed.  So after hearing the concerns about the credit card company, the poo-ing pugs and low blood sugar…  when she moved onto her IRA, I asked for a reprieve.  My request was met with “I’m alone all day”  and the most disappointed look a senior citizen can give. 

When I was growing up I remember thinking my mom was a monster for instituting quiet hour.  For about an hour after she got home from work she demanded silence.  I couldn’t understand it at the time because I was just a kid who loved to talk.  Now?  Let’s just say I had a guilt-ridden epiphany. 

Leading Ladies

I wish I could sing, because these ladies deserve their own theme song.  Last Thursday at Charlotte’s beautiful Palmer Building, we honored the 2009 Link Leading Ladies.  I’d already met them during our on-air interviews.  I had the opportunity of learning from them, getting inspired by them and feeling hopeful because of them.  The banquet gave them an opportunity to meet each other.  It was a room filled with women who simply make you want to try harder, work smarter, dream bigger, serve better…

This year Cambria Estate Winery and the YMCA of Great Charlotte made it possible to honor these worthy women.  Thanks to them we were able to give a $5,000 check to Leigh Brown, our Link Leading Lady of the Year.  Leigh is a wife, mother of two and a broker and owner of a Re/Max office.  While working tirelessly to run her business she still finds time to volunteer at her church.  Through tears of joy, she promised to use the money to provide housing in Haiti.  Leigh knows a thing or two about helping people who need a home.  She sits on the board of Habitat for Humanity of Cabarrus County. Leigh uses a portion of the commission for every home she sells to go towards building a home for a family in need. Last year, she donated $60,000 to build a home with Habitat for Humanity.

As if that wasn’t enough…we received this message from Suzi Alora, one of the other Leading Ladies…

“Just wanted to say THANK YOU for such a lovely evening last Thursday honoring the Link Leading Ladies. I was so moved and inspired by the positive energy in that room.

Great news, Birthday Blessings and Suzi Skinny Cakes are joining forces to give a birthday party for the ladies at Florence Crittenton this Thursday!” 

Laughter, tears, connecting, encouraging…. the 2009 Leading Ladies dinner will be hard to top.  But that won’t stop us from doing it all over again in 2010.  There are too many girls and young women who need a role model for us to stop here.  There are too many uplifting people to talk about who we’ll never see on the news.  So, we’re teaming up with the YMCA and RE/MAX to honor more women.  Nominate the leading lady in your life.

Consider Yourself Warned Simon Cowell

I remember Angela Martin from last year’s “American Idol” auditions.  She was the single mom of a child with special needs who delivered a great rendition of a Stevie Wonder song.  Angela dreamed of becoming a successful singer to help pay for her daughter’s treatments.  Last year after telling us her touching story, the Idol judges cut her before the public had a chance to cast a single vote.  Did I mention that she toughed it out in Hollywood even though her father was killed shortly before her trip to L.A.? 

Well Angela is back.  She was awarded a second golden ticket.  Only now, in addition to struggling to care for her child, Angela’s mom is missing.  I’m telling you right now, Simon Cowell and company, if you are stringing this woman along AGAIN I will quit your show like a carb-free diet!  

Attitude Adjustment

Fearing that I was making too little progress toward my 2010 resolutions brought on a nasty case of the “woe is me’s.”  I know January isn’t over yet. I’ve just been infected with the HWN virus.  That stands for Holloway Wants it Now!  Some of my worst (and maybe one or two of my best) decisions can be blamed on impatience. 

Thanks to an earthquake and a fetus my spirit is back on track. 

1)  Gotta give credit to the faithful earthquake victims in Haiti, who’ve been gathering nightly to praise God for just being alive, for teaching me a valuable life lesson about gratitude.  With a house lingering on the market and layoffs at work I must admit that my anxiety meter had been peaking. 

2)  Gotta give credit to Baby Harris.  Just over a week ago my co-host Matt Harris shared with me that three different doctors told him and his wife Amy that their unborn baby had a potentially fatal heart problem.  They went back for a check-up last week and the doctor couldn’t find a problem.  Amy says she prayed for a miracle.  Thanks Baby Harris for teaching me a valuable lesson about hope.