10 Questions with … Ramona Holloway


Penn State University; WNKO-WHTH/Newark, OH; WNCI, WOSU-TV, and WBNS-TV/Columbus, OH; WTLC/Indianapolis; WNVZ/Norfolk-Virginia Beach; WLNK (107.9 The Link)/Charlotte. Also served on Ohio AP Board of Directors, serves on board of directors of A Child’s Place.
NOTE: Ramona’s answers, creatively, are in two parts, the first her direct response and the second, in keeping with one of the themes of the “Matt and Ramona Show,” her responses from her perspective as a single woman on the dating scene (in italics).
1. How did you get your start in radio? Why radio?

I was working at an employment agency when a guy who’d been fired from a radio station in Newark, Ohio asked me to help him find a new job. I never found a job for him, but the guy who replaced him at the radio station hired ME two weeks later.

Why radio?
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