Types of Trick-or-Treaters the World Can Do Without

SCREAMERS! Do not force your sobbing child to ring doorbells.  Trick or Treat is supposed to be fun.  Call it a night and take your crying kid home.  Take pride in the fact that you are raising a child who  hates going up to unfamiliar homes and asking strangers for candy! That’s something we hope kids DON’T DO the other 364 days a year.

THUGS!  If you’ve caused trouble in the neighborhood, don’t expect a bag full of goodies on Halloween. You play tricks?  YOU G NO TREATS!Keep Yearning for Learning!

2 TIMERS!  Teach your kids that its rude to double back around the neighbood for seconds!

GRANDPAS! Do you know the difference between a trick-or-treater and a solicitor?  A voter registration card!  If you are old enough to vote on Tuesday, then you are old enough to buy your own dang candy!  No solicitors!

PROSTITOTS!  Just because they make a sexy nurse costume in your child’s size doesn’t mean you have to buy it!  Parents, please say, “NO WAY” to the dirty Dorothy of Oz costumes.  Refuse to pay your hard-earned money to turn your daughter into the street-walker version of Strawberry shortcake!