Football Superfan Quiz

Today we have a quiz to determine if you’re the worst kind of football fan. Give yourself one point for every NO answer

1. Do you hog food at tailgates?

2. Do you give up on the game the minute your team falls behind?

3. Do you distract other fans with your amateur color commentary while they’re trying to enjoy the game?

4. Have you ever been ejected or arrested at a game?

5. Have you ever boo’d your own team?

6. Have you relieved yourself somewhere other than a restroom at a tailgate.

7. Do you brag about your basketball team during football season? I’m talking to you North Carolina fans!

8. Have you ever burned a couch or overturned a car after a big win? Subtract one point for every thing you’ve destroyed

9. Do you act like a jerk to your family and friends just because your team lost?

10. Have you ever caused another fan to be late for or miss part of a game?

8-to-10 points means your team is lucky to have you as a fan

5-7 points means you are probably somewhat annoying on game day

1-4 points means we all wish you were a SOCCER fan instead!