Turn Date Night into GREAT NIGHT!

Date night
Date night

Lots of couples try to keep the romance alive by scheduling a date night. Unfortunately, they wind up going to dinner at the same old restaurant or staring blankly at a TV screen. Well, it’s time to bring back the fun and romance!

Role play date

Start by telling your partner that this date night is going to be a play date…a role play date. Take your adventure to an art museum. One of you can play the starving artist who’ll do just about anything to sell your first painting. The other can be the rich, sexy art collector. Pretend to be horny strangers meeting for the first time as you seductively paw the produce at the grocery store.

Make date night a Make-a-wish night.

Grant your partner one sexual wish. If you know you married a freak, you may have to modify the request for health and safety reasons. No animals or people should be harmed in the granting of your wish.

Cougar-fy your bedroom.

Toss the bland sheets and wrap your mattress in satin. Swap your regular energy efficient light bulb for a colored light bulb. Drag out the Christmas lights and, drape a few strands over the head-board. Show Santa just how much fun it can be to get ho-ho-hoey during the off season!

Prepare a bedside gift basket.

Fill it with ready-to-use toys. The key words there are READY-TO-USE. It kills the mood when you have to stop the action to replace batteries or to go kill the germs on previously used marital aids.

Clean night

Date night will probably end on a much sexier note if it starts on a much cleaner note. Treat your body like you did when you first met your hubby or wife. Pay special attention to making sure your playground looks and smells clean. You wouldn’t want your child body-surfing in a sea of dirty balls at Chuckie Cheese. Well, the same philosophy should apply to their mom.

Dress up!

You should even over-dress for your “great night.” Make it look like you’re on your first date. Gentlemen should wear dress pants and a nice shirt even if you’re just going to a casual restaurant.

Ladies, put on a dress and some sexy high heels… and keep those heels on ALL NIGHT LONG!

Rent a Movie

Rent a sexy movie that puts both of you in the mood. Suggest a reenactment of the action on the screen… just as long as you’re flexible enough to pull it off. Know your physical limitations before you try something crazy. Sex injuries don’t get priority in the emergency room.

Talk and Laugh

If you decide to go out for dinner, don’t just sit there like you’ve been taken hostage. Talk and laugh even if you’ve heard the jokes before. Throw in some dirty talk. Use your sexy voice to ask him to pass the butter. Talk lower and slower than you usually do. Let every sip, chew and bite send your lover a message that you are hungry for their love.

Sneak a peak/feel

Play, sneak a peak/sneak a feel. Find discreet ways to flash your man. You don’t have to be as raunchy as Britney Spears when you play sneak-a-peak. Flash him some sexy lingerie. The sneak-a-feel game requires lots of accidentally-on purpose body contact. Men, allow your hand to brush across your lady’s bottom when you’re reaching for the door. Ladies, let your floppies lead the way! Theaters are perfect for sneak-a-feel. Pick a seat in the back and get “Superbad” during the movie. Don’t let the action get too nasty. An occasional wandering hand is fine. Just make sure your “Harry Potter” stays covered until you get home!