Remember the show “Touched by an Angel?” I’d watch it every Sunday and without fail would be in tears about ten minutes before the show ended. My water works would begin around the time Monica lit up and revealed that she was an angel sent by God.

I’m one of those nutsy people who believes I have encountered angels. No, they didn’t light up and tell me they were angels. They were people God used to comfort me, encourage me or rescue me when I needed lotsa help. I can’t remember all of their names. A few were in my life for just a few hours. Some remain friends and a couple are family members. I’m sure most don’t know how much they affected my life and one would “punch me in the throat” (his catch phrase, not mine) if I told him that he served as my angel one day.

Is it a coincidence that these angels were there when I needed them most? An accident that some of these folks acted completely out of character? Random acts of kindness? Nope, my angels…

There was the guy with the incredibly skinny arms (no bigger than a broomstick) who unlocked my car and fixed my tires on a deserted back road near Newark, Ohio. A Columbus police officer who prayed with me in a production studio after I told him I was too upset to interview him. An antique store owner who dropped by my doomed consignment store with a card and a bottle of wine offering words of encouragement during my nasty divorce. A coworker who brought flowers the day after I told him I’d finally accepted the fact that I’d never get pregnant. Friends who sat with my mother in the hospital when I had to go to work.

I may never be able to return the “angel-ness” to them. I don’t think that’s the point of angel-hood. I think its about slowing down enough to listen. Its about offering help even when you haven’t been asked. It’s also about knowing when your angel task is done and moving along to the next assignment. In basketball its called an “assist” and you get credit for it. But in angel world you don’t keep score. I’m still learning the angel game. I just hope I’ll know what to do when the Coach calls me off the bench.

2 thoughts on “Angel-ness”

  1. Even though you may not realize, I am sure you have been someone’s angel. I may be someone you have never met before. You touch many listeners lives each day. I know you have touched mine.

  2. I think its the other way around! I spent the day worrying about mom’s medical tests and then I got on the computer and saw your message! It made me feel awesome!

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